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Here you can list down FAQs and answers from hoe to create an Id, change password? Book rooms? Planning a trip? Update a room available for rent? And so on?.

  • I promise to stay respectful and honest towards everyone on this platform regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Vivavoyager has no tolerance for any sort of discrimination on basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Vivavoyager expects all its users to abide its policy of non discrimination at all times. Failing to do so will result in termination of your account with or without any prior notice after conducting a thorough investigation. Once your account is terminated no further bookings can be made.
  • Vivavoyager is an inclusive platform for individuals from different cultures, regions and religions. Becoming a host or guest makes you part of this inclusive environment.

Hosts At VivaVoyager

  • May not decline, behave indifferent or impose some additional terms & conditions to rent or exchange of property on basis of age, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, family or marital status.
  • May decline to rent or exchange of property where its prohibited by law. The hosts may also choose to decline to guests with pets or guests who smoke.
  • Our hosts should make every effort to make their guests feel welcomed from all backgrounds. Hosts who reject guests from a particular class or community repeatedly, VivaVoyager can choose to suspend services of such users.
  • Under no circumstances VivaVoyager encourages its users to violate any of the local laws which could lead to arrest or any sort of harm in person or property of the hosts. In some situations this can be in violation of VivaVoyager’s no discrimination policy. We request hosts to mention about any such problems in their listing clearly which makes them incapable of hosting guests without use of any derogatory language.
  • By posting content in public areas on VivaVoyager, you agree to abide by these guidelines and all other VivaVoyager policies. We reserve the right to remove any content, in whole or part, that violates these guidelines or our Terms of Service, or for any other reason at our sole discretion. In the event of repeated or severe violations, we may suspend or permanently deactivate the account(s) in question.
  • You can contact us about posts that appear to violate these content guidelines.
  • We closely monitor and moderate all content posted on VivaVoyager. The following content is not allowed on VivaVoyager
  • Advertising or other commercial content, company logos, links, or company names Spam, unwanted contact, or content that is shared repeatedly in a disruptive manner Content that endorses or promotes illegal or harmful activity, or that is profane, vulgar, obscene, threatening, or harassing Content that is discriminatory (review our Non-Discrimination Policy)
  • Attempts to impersonate another person, account, or entity, including a representative of VivaVoyager Content that is illegal or that violates another person’s or entity’s rights, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights Content that refers to the details of an Vivavoyager investigation Content that is sufficient to identify a listing’s location or other content that may pose a personal safety risk to a Vivavoyager community member
  • In addition to the above, the following guidelines apply to specific types of content on VivaVoyager:
  • Content on any listing that is fraudulent, misleading, or deceptive Reviews that do not represent the author’s personal experience or that of their travel mates Reviews incentivized by a promise for payment, additional services, or a discounted rate Reviews motivated by a threat of extortion Content that is off-topic, doesn’t ask a question, or doesn’t offer knowledge in response to a question Trolling or repeatedly targeting other members


  • Reviews are a way for VivaVoyager guests and hosts to share their experiences with anyone in community. Any attempt to use reviews or review responses to force a user to do something they aren’t obligated to do is a misuse of reviews, and we don’t allow it.
  • Guests threatening to use reviews or ratings in an attempt to force a host to provide refunds, additional compensation, or a reciprocal positive review. Hosts requiring a guest to leave a positive review or rating, or to revise a review in exchange for a partial or full refund, or reciprocal review. Hosts also can’t offer a free or discounted stay in exchange for a guest revising an existing review.
  • We encourage our guests to use the review option and share their travel experience within the community Hosts and guests cannot edit reviews after they are published.
  • By posting a review you agree to follow our guidelines and policies for reviews. VivaVoyager at its own discretion can choose to delete any of the reviews violating our guidelines. In addition to this account of the person can be suspended or terminated permanently if the review posted is in breach of our guidelines.
  • If you believe you have witnessed a breach in guidelines please contact us.
  • Users at VivaVoyager in their own sole discretion may or may may not allow a guest to carry any sort of weapons with them. We request our guests to declare about the weapons they may carry along with them to the hosts prior to the bookings. Failing to do so can result in cancellation of a booking by a host and Vivavoyager can’t be held accountable for that.

Can I choose to only host people of my own gender?

  • As per our policy of non discrimination we don’t allow bias on basis of gender. However host can mention about this while adding their listing in the description section of the property. This only applies under conditions where host has to share the space with guest ie. living area, bathroom or kitchen.
  • If a host doesn’t share the space he/she can’t decline a guest on any such grounds including gender.
  • A host may still choose to decline and cancel any bookings already made but this may result in negative reviews from guests.

What can I do to cancel a booking?

  • If your plans change and you have to cancel a booking we would request you contact the guest or host immediately and we request you to do that on an email preferably. Alternatively you can also contact us through email and we will take care of the rest.
  • Since cancellations disrupt plans of the guest this can have a negative impact on your property review.

In what circumstances a cancellation won’t effect a host?

  • In some extreme conditions like unexpected death or serious illness of a host, guest or immediate family member Serious injury that directly restricts a guest’s ability to travel or a host’s ability to host Significant natural disasters or severe weather conditions impacting the location of destination or location of departure Severe property damage or unforeseen maintenance issues that directly impact the ability to host safely Government-mandated obligations issued after the time of booking.
  • We encourage you to be candid in your listing about what features you believe may be unsafe or unsuitable for guests of a certain age or families with children or infants, and to discuss any concerns with potential guests. You should also learn more about the housing laws applicable in your area, and consult an attorney for advice.

How do I report discrimination?

  • VivaVoyager takes reports of discrimination in our community very seriously. If you believe you have experienced discrimination on our platform, please contact us. Please provide specific details and identify the user that you believe has violated the Nondiscrimination Policy.If we determine that a user has violated our policy, we will take action, up to and including suspending their account. For privacy reasons, we are unable share the outcome of our investigations.

How we help build trust between hosts and guests?

  • We strive to provide our hosts and guests with the right tools to make informed decisions regarding who they interact with on the site and in the real world. We offer a number of features that help build trust and cultivate a transparent community marketplace, including our secure messaging system, reviews, and Verified ID or other identity checks. To help ensure our member's safety, we dedicate a knowledgeable and experienced team to monitor any suspicious activity in our marketplace. If you encounter an emergency situation, or if your personal safety is threatened by a host, contact local police or emergency services immediately.

What if I’m uncomfortable with a prospective guest?

  • We encourage you to use the trust features and communication tools we've built to help give you peace of mind. When considering a guest’s booking request, it’s important to comply with our Nondiscrimination Policy and to reflect on your reasoning to ensure bias isn’t a factor.


  • Guests and hosts can scan a government ID and can become a verified VivaVoyager user We encourage all our users to get their account verified.
  • Provide your ID Profile & Review
  • Get to know your guest or host through detailed profiles and confirmed reviews.
  • Use our messaging system to learn more about a host or ask a guest about their trip.
  • We encourage hosts to think carefully about their responsibilities. Hosting offers rich experiences, but it comes with a certain level of commitment. In addition to the Hospitality Standards, here are some ways you can be a responsible host.


What can I do to make my space safe for guests?

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Contact Info:
  • Indicate local emergency numbers and the nearest hospital. Provide a clear emergency contact number for yourself, as well as backup, for easy guest reference. Also make clear how you should be contacted if the guest has questions or issues arise.
  • Supplies:
  • Make a first aid kit easily available.
  • Minimize Hazards
  • Privacy:
  • Always be mindful of your guests' privacy. Fully disclose whether there are security cameras or other surveillance equipment at or around your listing.
  • Occupancy:
  • Establish safe occupancy limits-your local government may have guidelines.
  • Access:
  • Go through your home to identify any areas where guests might trip or fall and either remove the hazard or mark clearly. Fix any exposed wires. Ensure stairs are safe and have railings. Remove or lock up any objects that may be dangerous to your guests.
  • Child-Proofing:
  • Ensure your home is safe for children, or else notify guests of potential hazards.
  • Climate:
  • Ensure your home is properly ventilated. Ensure guests are clear about how to safely use the heater.
  • Neighbors How can I be mindful of my neighbors?
  • Building Rules:
  • Ensure you relay your building's common area rules to your guest. You may want to even notify your neighbors that you will have guests, and remind guests not to bother your neighbors (e.g., don't knock on their door or buzz them to let you in).
  • Smoking:
  • If you don't allow smoking, we suggest posting signs to remind guests. If you do allow smoking, ensure you have ashtrays available in designated areas.
  • Parking:
  • Ensure you relay parking rules for your building and neighborhood to your guest.
  • Noise:
  • Remind guests about keeping noise down. You may want to consider whether you allow babies, pets, or parties.
  • Pets:
  • If you allow pets, ensure guests are educated about things like local parks and local customs (e.g., cleaning up after your dog). Have a backup plan in case a guest's pet upsets the neighbors.
  • House Rules:
  • To avoid surprises, you may want to include the information covered above in your House Rules in your VivaVoyager listing profile.
  • Permissions Whom should I notify that I'm hosting on VivaVoyager?
  • Contracts:
  • Check your HOA or Co-Op Board regulations to make sure there is no prohibition against subletting--or any other restriction against hosting. Read your lease/rent agreement and check with your landlord if applicable. You may consider adding a rider to your contract that addresses the concerns of these parties and outlines the responsibilities and liabilities of all parties.
  • Roommates:
  • If you have roommates, consider a roommate agreement in writing which outlines things like how often you plan to host, how you'll ensure guests follow House Rules, and even whether you'll share revenue if that makes sense for you.
  • Neighbors:
  • Consider whether you should notify your neighbors about your plans to host, along with your plan for how to make sure your guests are not disruptive.
  • Subsidized Housing:
  • If you live in public or subsidized housing there may be special rules that apply to you. The manager of the property may be able to answer questions about this. General Regulations What local regulations apply to me?
  • Taxes:
  • Ensure you look up any local taxes or business license requirements that may apply. This may include things like hotel/transient occupancy tax, sales, and other turnover taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST), or income tax.
  • Registration of Guests:
  • Local regulations require maintaining a register for guest check-in and check-out records, including passport details for foreign tourists. Additionally, any Hotel / Guest House / Dharamshala / Individual House / University / Hospital / Institute that provides accommodation to foreigners must submit the details of the residing foreigner in Form C to the registration authorities within 24 hours of the arrival of the foreigner at the premises. The Form C can be submitted online once the accommodation provider completes the registration process. The regulations also require the accommodation provider to complete and maintain the Form B as a corresponding register.
  • Permits or Registrations:
  • Ensure you look up any permitting, zoning, safety, and health regulations that may apply. The governing authorities that regulate the use and development of property in your area may have useful information on such regulations.
  • Rent Control/Rent Stabilization:
  • If you live in rent controlled or stabilized housing, there may be special rules that apply to you. Contact your local Rent board to ask questions about this topic.
  • * Please note that VivaVoyager has no control over the conduct of Hosts or Guests and disclaims all liability. Failure of Hosts or Guests to satisfy their responsibilities may result in suspension of activity or removal from the VivaVoyager website.

How does providing identification on VivaVoyager work?

  • Verifying some information about guests and hosts on VivaVoyager helps make our community a safer place for everyone. That’s why, in addition to requiring a profile photo, confirmed phone number, and confirmed email address, we might also ask you to provide an official ID and other related information.
  • How it works When you'll need to provide ID What gets shared with your host Privacy Updating or removing your photos Other ways your ID info is used About photo matching
  • When you’re asked to provide ID, you might need to:
  • Add a profile picture if you don’t have one already. Take a photo of your government-issued ID (ex: passport, driver’s license, national ID, or visa). Connect another online profile to your VivaVoyager account, such as a Facebook or Google. Take a selfie. This needs to be a live photo taken during this process.
  • Your government ID photo and selfie must match, and your ID must appear to be valid. If your photos don’t match, you’re under 18, or your ID doesn't appear to be valid, your reservation may be cancelled.
  • Completing this process isn’t an endorsement of any host or guest, a guarantee of someone’s identity, or that interacting with them will be safe. Always use your own best judgment, and follow our safety tips for guests and hosts.
  • When you'll need to provide ID
  • VivaVoyager may ask you to provide ID for several reasons, including if you plan to book an experience or if a host requires that a guest provides ID before booking or exchanging their place.
  • If a host requires you to provide ID, only the guest making the booking/exchanging will be required to provide ID, and you'll need to complete the process before your booking/exchanging is confirmed. If you need to come back later, go to and pick up where you left.
  • What gets shared with your host
  • If you’re a guest and you’re asked to provide ID, your host will see:
  • Your profile name and photo. Whether you’ve successfully completed this process. The full name on your government ID and whether you’re over or under 25 years old. If you’re asked to take a selfie, we may share it with your host under certain circumstances. You can choose to public your phone no and email address on your listings. No other personal information you provide or other details from your ID will be shared with your host.
  • The name on your ID won’t replace the name on your profile. Your selfie won’t replace your profile picture.


  • We take privacy seriously. The information you provide during this process is governed by our Privacy Policy and sent to us and our third-party partners using SSL—the same secure encryption that websites use to transmit credit card numbers. Our third-party partners handle this info according to our Privacy Policy.
  • Other ways your ID info is used
  • Where permitted by applicable law, we may also provide information from your government ID, such as your full name and date of birth, to our service providers to run checks against public records for criminal convictions and sex offender registrations. For whom we have adequate identifying information, such as the user’s full name and date of birth. While we believe these checks help us deter fraud and misuse of our services, they don’t guarantee that interactions with people who book through VivaVoyager will be safe or problem-free. Please carefully review our notice about the limitations of background and registered sex offender checks.
  • Photo matching may provide some useful info, but no facial matching process is always accurate. The effectiveness of a comparison of facial features can vary greatly based on the skill and judgment of the reviewer, the accuracy of the software used, the quality and resolution of the photos, and whether there are significant changes in a person’s appearance between the two photos (ex: change in age, change in weight, different outfit). As a result, this process may sometimes “match” photos that are not in fact of the same person, or fail to match photos that are of the same person. Fraudulent users may circumvent even the most sophisticated and diligent efforts to match photos submitted for comparison.
  • We don’t make any guarantee or representation about the accuracy or effectiveness of photo matching results. You shouldn’t rely on completion of the photo matching process as a guarantee of someone’s identity, or a guarantee that they’re someone you can safely interact with.