Valentines is around the corner and we can already feel the love in the air, Viva Voyager brings you 8 Best Romantic Getaways in India to spice up your Valentine’s Day This year.


Tucked away amongst hills that are thickly adorned with mushrooms of trees, Wayanad does justice to the word ‘romantic getaway’.  A place that is mostly untouched by civilization, head here with your loved one. Immerse yourself in the wild forests, sub-tropical savannahs, lofty hills and sprawling plantations. Stay at Banasura Hill Resort. Made out of mud, the hutments give you the experience of being one with nature. Another option is the Vythiri resort, a misty urban jungle.



Make a trip to the beach town of Kovalam that is an absolute delight with its sparkling waters and swaying palm trees.

Once here, you have to stay at Leela Kovolam that is perched at the edge of the cliff. Hear the sweet sounds of birds and that of the waves crashing on the land below. From your bedroom get the panoramic view of the sand, sea and the sky.


Udaipur… Venice of the East

Heralded as the Veince of the East, it is in Udaipur that you get to romance by the glistening lakes and majestic Aravalli hills. This city is also known for its grandeur and hospitality.

Stay at Lake Palace Hotel that is a floating sight of white marble and opulence. Especially spectacular is the night, where the yellow lights set the lake below ablaze with its golden reflection.


Havelock Island

A perfect place for loves struck couples, is the isolated Havelock island of Andaman. Pampering you with the perfect combination, the beaches give you privacy and the waters are a sparkling turquoise.

Here the pristine sands appear silver and the best of all are the breath-taking corals that are found nowhere else in India. Want to turn up the experience a notch? Go scuba diving together and unravel the hidden water kingdom at Andaman and Nicobar Island.



Famously known as ‘Queen of Hills’ Mussoorie resides at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. It is a most-favored destination of travellers and also of couples looking forward to add spice to their life.


It is reminisced because of its picturesque hilly crests and meandering pathways through valleys. A peaceful walk through these hills will bring you across both famous and nonfamous spots – each having its own story to tell.

Visit this romantic weekend getaway destination with your partner into deep woods and admire the architecture reflecting the British era. The best time to be at Mussoorie between May – June to experience pleasant climate.



A divine vision of rolling hills is the misty Darjeeling. It is a fascinating place rich in natural beauty; ideal for couples as it offers the perfect setting of Himalayan backdrop, towering trees and the most famous of all, tea plantations.


Darjeeling offers couples to spend some cherishable moments in a quaint atmosphere away from their busy lives. It gives the honeymooners time to celebrate the beginning of their life together.

Experience the divinity and pristine aura at the Buddhist monasteries. Tread through the tea plantations and also explore the valleys, the wilderness and the streams that make it an irresistible place.



Gulmarg is a noteworthy hill station from the Baramula district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located in the Pirpanjal range in the western the Himalayas.


Gulmarg is known as the valley of flowers and the name states the exquisiteness of this place. The multi-hued valley and the aromatic fragrances oozing from those delicate flowers will allure every person in love.


This along with pastures adorned with pine trees and snow flaked landscape make it a perfect backdrop for lovers. So, if you are a newly wedded couple then Gulmarg proffers an ideal environment to build some cherishing memories.



An underrated destination, Tawang offers many a great sight for you and your loved one. For it is here, that the sky looks as if it is painted by artistic hands, the clean water appears to be white as milk and the snowy mountains makes you feel that you have entered heaven indeed.


While here, do not forget to visit the revered Tawang Gompa where the 8m-high statue of Buddha Shakyamuni resides.