8 Must Have Travel Gadgets

Travel gadgets are clever little things that save you time, money, stress and space in your luggage.

We have selected some of the travel gadgets we think are both useful and smart, to make your backpacking trip easier. We have included both tech and non-tech gadgets.


A portable charger

With a portable charger, you’ll never have to see that depleted battery icon in the corner of your screen, the little red column growing smaller and smaller until – horror! – your device switches off and you’re stuck with nothing but your own thoughts for company.



A spork is a spoon and a fork (plus a tiny knife) in one piece. It is a clever non-tech tool that I’ve been taking with me on my travels for years now.

It’s an ever so useful outdoor eating utensil, especially if you like street food or enjoy picnics when you travel.

Sporks are small and don’t take up any space in you day pack. Just carry it everywhere with you in case you need it.


A pair of noise-cancelling headphones

Once you’ve done a long-haul flight with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, you’ll never go back. You’ll smile serenely at the screaming baby in the seat in front – its caterwauling cannot touch you. There are loads of options on the market but not all noise-cancelling headphones were created equal. So make sure you go for the best one.


A portable speaker

Tiny portable Bluetooth speakers are excellent for mobile parties, but the smaller and more convenient the speaker, the more likely it is to have that obnoxious, tinny sound quality.


Smart travel scarf

If you travel with a scarf, why not make it more useful by using a scarf with hidden pockets!

It’s a smart solution for when you need to carry your passport or phone on you – hide them in a pocket in your scarf.

They’re called travel scarves because the size of the pocket is perfect for a passport, but you can use it for other small items as well obviously.

It’s a good way to hide the things that you need to hide from pickpockets, or just make sure you have everything on you, say when you’re on a night bus or a flight.


A waterproof case for your mobile phone

This little case will give you more flexibility when you travel.

There are too many situations where your phone could get wet or even fall into the water – Going sailing on a boat, kayaking, snorkelling etc.

It will protect your phone from getting wet and will hardly take up any space in your bag.


Solar Charger

For hardcore travelers who might spend long periods of time away from plugs of any kind—such as backcountry hikers, climbers, and campers—solar chargers are a useful addition to a packing list. Sure, part of the point of heading into the backcountry is getting away from connectivity, but that doesn’t mean that GPS devices, cameras, or even smartphones are completely verboten.

Quick dry towel

This is an essential item on any backpacker’s packing list.


If you pack a regular towel, it will take too long to dry (you might even have to carry it when it’s damp sometimes…), add way too much weight to your luggage and will take up too much space as well.



The alternative is a compact, lightweight, quick dry towel that folds down easily. These camping towels are made of microfiber and dry very quickly.