There are many kinds of travellers out there, each one looking for something different in the pursuit of happiness. Some travel to visit great museums, some travel to get some peace of mind at a quiet destination and others travel to get to know a city inside out. What about you?

The Adventure Seeker

As the name suggests, adventure seekers the adrenaline junkies. Trekking, Bungee, sky diving… you name it and they are up for it.  They always give an extra inch to their travelling. They travel to the tallest mountain; they jump from highest bungee jumping, sky dive from the highest altitude and so on. You will find these crazy people at every good enough crazy places. These chunks are as interesting as wild adventure.

The Soul Searcher

For these travellers, the objective of any vacation is to “find themselves”, to ponder life’s deepest philosophies. You will usually find them travelling alone, most often to secluded spots where they will spend time gazing over cliffs or taking long, lonely walks in the woods. These types of travelers believe travel has the power to heal. These crazy nuts always thrive to find themselves. Their main goal is peace, harmony, nature and they ponder the deepest philosophies of life. They usually travel alone and they ignore any company. They usually travel long and prefer walking to known places.

The Digital Nomad

Whatever they do, they do it for social media. They tale lot of selfies from different angles with different attires. They make sure they look perfect for pictures. They are more about making travelling portfolio. Their main motto is to bombard their Facebook and Instagram. Wonder if they enjoy travelling or not. These travelers see the world in Instagram filter.

The Backpackers

Backpackers are the kind of travelers who love to explore different destinations and prefer independent travelling with low budget. However, adventure travelers are those who love going on trips and vacations to natural environments or remote locations with the particular purpose of active physical activities and exploring new experiences.


They Gang


They travel with friends and families. Their single mode of enjoyment depends upon their group and if found alone, they are best board persons of the world. For them the idea of solo travelling is utterly bullshit. They believe in pumping up the volume in group. They party where ever they go.


The Hippies



You can find this breed mostly on the mountains and on sea shores. They often carry their shiny guitars and find a way to get stoned anywhere they go. They have nothing to do with the world. They enjoy their partners company. Their most of the time is engaged in rolling and singing like mountain bird. They are the happiest travellers and can live even without money.